775 Moteur de la Scie de Table Kit DC 24v Table de Scie Circulaire à la Tronçonneuse Multifonction DIY Mini Machine de Découpe à la Scie des Lames Pour la Coupe de Bois
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Nom: BRICOLAGE miniature de la scie de table de Travail tension: DC 24V (bloc d'alimentation en option) courant de Travail: plus de 8 Moteur: 775 Vitesse: 6000-12000 tr / min

  • Fournitures BRICOLAGE: Le travail du bois
  • Type3: DC 24V
  • Le Nom De La Marque: dutoofree
  • Type2: 775 moteur
  • Type: scie circulaire
  • Numéro De Modèle: 8652
  • Puissance: 288W
  • Lame De Scie: 100mm
  • Style: Horizontale

Mots-clés: bricolage menuiserie, 775 moteur dc, 775 moteur, tronçonneuse métal, scie circulaire de l'arbre, 1380W, circulaire mini scie, scie circulaire machin, chaîne mini-scie, tronçonneuse gasolin.

good product. seller forgot to put power supply but got partial refund
Paderin Family
Delivery to Kharkiv 70 days. The spindle comes in assembly, planted quite tightly, the hands could not be removed. The cartridge does not have a fixing screw. There are no radial beats on the eye. Landing bearings on the shaft is not dense. There is a Axial Luft. Disassemble without removing the cartridge will not work because. The diameter of the shaft is larger from the side of the saw blade and it does not pass through the bearings. This may need to move the pulley to the other side. I didn't try. Pulleys for 48 and 16 teeth. The engine is quite quiet. Marking 288 Watts is present. 8 amperous DC-DC on xl4016 at 24 volts at the start goes in defense. At 12 v normally starts. At the engine at the idle speed the following rpm/consumption. & GE;, 330A 7в-3500-0, 360A 9в-4500-0, 410A & Le;. 440A & GE;, 485A & GE;, 500A & GE;, 530A
Karpova Katua
The product arrived relatively quickly and in good condition
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